[seqfan] A sequence that moves itself

Éric Angelini bk263401 at skynet.be
Thu Mar 5 20:09:09 CET 2020

Hello SeqFans,
Inspired by the wonderful work of Lars Blomberg, visible here 
we would like to develop more or less the same idea for the 
sequence M (M for Moving):

a(n) will command to the a(n)th digit of M to jump over 
a(n) digits to the right and 
burry itself under the digit it lands on. When all jumps 
are done, the buried digits
will reproduce the starting sequence -- commas included.

(Yes, when the rightmost digit of a term jumps, it brings 
the comma with it in the grave).

Now, what could be the lexico-1st such M of distinct positive
terms? Well... I must admit I don't even know how to start M!
Follow up with example and color here, on my personal blog:



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