[seqfan] Re: Prime of the form 4*p + 3

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    Hi  Robert    Thanks for telling me the information    I wish that someone will prove it, especially some smart Mathematician will prove in future the pair  {p, 2*p + 1}  which are both Sophie   German Primes exist infinitely    Because  if the proof exists then it is possible to prove  {3, -1} Amicable Pair exist infinitely many, though    the following is unsolved problem           Does Amicable Pair exist infinitely many ?


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Look up "Dickson's conjecture". AFAIK there is no known proof of any case 
of Dickson's conjecture with k > 1: the closest is Yitang Zhang's proof 
that there is some d (with an explicit bound) such that p and p+d are both 
prime infinitely often.


On Mar 11 2020, zbi74583_boat at yahoo.co.jp wrote:

>  Does anyone know the proof 
> that  Prime of the form  4*p + 3  exist infinitely ?  

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