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Wed Mar 25 19:31:59 CET 2020

It appears that except for the first term, your sequence is A255843.


On Mar 25 2020, Jess Tauber wrote:

>Hi folks- some years back I had been briefly active in the group, even
>posting about the presence in nuclear shell structures the OEIS sequence
>A051890 <https://oeis.org/A051890>, which links the counts of nucleons
>having parallel suborbital designations though in different shells.
>This past week I've been revisiting these issues after a long hiatus, and
>have found another sequence attested for such connections: 2, 6, 12, 22,
>36, 54, 76, 102, 132, 166, 204, 246...
>While A051890 is formed by summed pairs of every other doubled triangular
>number, this new sequence, which isn't in the OEIS database, is formed from
>summed pairs of every THIRD doubled triangular number.
>The basic sequence found in spherical nuclei, under a simple harmonic
>oscillator model (where shell sizes are always consecutive terms of Pascal
>Triangle diagonals) consists of doubled triangular numbers, and the
>connections between like suborbital designations  are all half/doubled
>square numbers, which are produced by taking summed pairs of every
>consecutive doubled triangular number.
>Depending on how one configures tables of shell structures, one can see ALL
>THREE mathematical patterns outlined above. It makes things a LOT more
>interesting than a mere one-size-fits-all scenario.
>Jess Tauber
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