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thanks Neil,

(what is it with professional mathematicians? not only can they count, but 
they seem to be able to read too!
Stuff that no normal mortal can ever make sense off.  Gosh, I know I'm 
weird, but then again ...)

LOL (tongue-in-cheeck)


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The great Motzkin himself classified - and named - a great many objects
like the ones you are studying. Take a look at his classic paper

%H A000522 T. S. Motzkin, <a href="/A000262/a000262.pdf">Sorting numbers
for cylinders and other classification numbers</a>, in Combinatorics, Proc.
Symp. Pure Math. 19, AMS, 1971, pp. 167-176. [Annotated, scanned copy]

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On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 1:22 PM William Keith <william.keith at gmail.com>

> These are partitions into exactly three parts, with sizes at most 4.  By
> subtracting one from each part to allow zeroes, you get partitions into at
> most three parts, of size at most 3, which are counted by the q-binomial
> coefficient [6 choose 3]_q.
> Normally partitions are written in decreasing order of size.
> William
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