[seqfan] Re: Powers of Two in Base Three

Jack Brennen jfb at brennen.net
Wed May 6 16:11:56 CEST 2020

Because every even number has an even digit sum in any odd base.

That doesn't say much in other bases, but in base 3, there's only one 
odd digit possible, so that odd digit (1) must occur an even number of 

On 5/6/20 9:59 AM, Hans Havermann wrote:
> After recently extending A305942, I was curious about the digit distribution of powers of two in other normal bases. By 'normal' I mean to exclude bases two, four, and eight, where I do not expect a roughly equidistribution of digits. In base three, unexpectedly, I noticed that a count of the digit 'one' (powers > 0) is always an even number. Why?
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