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Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Mon May 11 17:55:13 CEST 2020

John Mason,  Your suggestion goes against all the principles that we have
used in the OEIS Index since I started it 40 years ago.
You are suggesting one line for each sequence.
I don't like it.

It would mean changing every single entry in the Index, and it would make
it a lot harder to use.

Please drop the idea!

(All we need to do is get the "hover" mechanism to work)

Best regards

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On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 5:38 AM john mason <masonmilan at hotmail.com> wrote:

> (Sorry I started a new thread, but I had to change email address)
> I have a proposal for making the index more readable.
> Take for example the large amount if index entries related to polyominoes.
> They now read something like this:
> polyominoes, sets of four that are related: A000988<
> http://oeis.org/A000988>, A000105<http://oeis.org/A000105>, A151514<
> http://oeis.org/A151514>, A002013<http://oeis.org/A002013>
> polyominoes, sets of four that are related: A006534<
> http://oeis.org/A006534>, A000577<http://oeis.org/A000577>, A151517<
> http://oeis.org/A151517>, A151518<http://oeis.org/A151518>
> polyominoes, sets of four that are related: A006535<
> http://oeis.org/A006535>, A000228<http://oeis.org/A000228>, A151515<
> http://oeis.org/A151515>, A151516<http://oeis.org/A151516>
> My proposal would be to renew them to look like:
> polyominoes, sets of four that are related:
> A000988<http://oeis.org/A000988.html>: Number of one-sided polyominoes
> with n cells.
> A000105<http://oeis.org/A000105.html>: Number of free polyominoes (or
> square animals) with n cells.
> A151514<http://oeis.org/A151514.html>: Number of 1-sided strip
> polyominoes with n cells.
> A002013<http://oeis.org/A002013.html>: Filaments with n square cells.
> polyominoes, sets of four that are related:
> A006534<http://oeis.org/A006534.html>: Number of one-sided triangular
> polyominoes (n-iamonds) with n cells (turning over not allowed) (holes are
> allowed).
> A000577<http://oeis.org/A000577.html>: Number of triangular polyominoes
> (or polyiamonds) with n cells (turning over is allowed, holes are allowed,
> must be connected along edges).
> A151517<http://oeis.org/A151517.html>: Number of 1-sided strip
> polyiamonds with n cells.
> A151518<http://oeis.org/A151518.html>: Number of 2-sided strip
> polyiamonds with n cells.
> If this is thought to be a good idea, I am willing to make the changes,
> once I have received edit authority, but I would limit myself to the
> polyomino theme.
> Naturally the down side is that the page gets much bigger.
> john
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