[seqfan] Re: Representation of real numbers by sequences

Olivier Gerard olivier.gerard at gmail.com
Mon May 18 14:07:20 CEST 2020

On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 3:01 PM Oscar Cunningham <mail at oscarcunningham.com>

> There has also been some interesting discussion of this blog post on
> reddit
> (
> https://old.reddit.com/r/math/comments/glhu6f/a_better_representation_for_real_numbers/),
> in which someone pointed out that the sequence 0,1,2,3,... corresponds
> under this representation to the real number J_0(2)/J_1(2) where J is
> the Bessel function.
Sorry but I fail to see the point.

The CF of J_0(2)/J_1(2)  as well as the CF of several constants of this
kind is already very simple

As CFs of ratios of Bessel goes,  J_0(2)/J_3(2) is even better.
The integers interleaved with a constant 1, without a prefix.

Best regards,

Olivier Gérard

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