[seqfan] Re: Splitting the square into equal parts

Jean-Luc Manguin jean-luc.manguin at unicaen.fr
Tue Nov 10 15:51:44 CET 2020

I would be curious to see the value of a(n+1)/a(n) in this case.
I'll test it, promised !


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Hi Jean-Luc,

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>Your definition is a bit reductive ; I give a very simple example with 4 parts : 
>we can cut the square in 2 halves and then cut those halves in 2 parts. But if 
>we follow your definition, wa cannot do like this, and we get another set, a bit 

Ah, I see - you are allowing cuts to cut-off pieces. My apologies: I
defined a different sequence. (It's still a nice one, though :-) .)

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