[seqfan] Re: Today is 10th anniversary of launch of OEIS on our own site

jean-paul allouche jean-paul.allouche at imj-prg.fr
Thu Nov 12 07:37:58 CET 2020

Happy Anniversary!

Le 12/11/2020 à 03:58, Neil Sloane a écrit :
> Up until Nov 10 2010 the OEIS lived on my AT&T Bell Labs home page,
> but 10 years ago today, on November 11 2010, Russ Cox and David Applegate
> finally got it running on our own (rented) server.  It had taken a whole
> year to get the Mediawiki software working, and Russ ended up rewriting
> most of the code. It was an heroic effort.  Thank you, Russ and Dave.
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