[seqfan] Computational task

Tomasz Ordowski tomaszordowski at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 10:42:12 CEST 2020

Dear SeqFans!

Let's define:
Even integers k>2 that are not of the form p+2^n+3^m with n>=0 and m>=0,
where p is a prime.
Even numbers k>2 such that every positive value of k-3^m-2^n is not prime
with m>=0 and n>=0.
These are even numbers k>2 such that k-3^m is a de Polignac number for
every 1<=3^m<k.
Find these numbers (they are greater than 10^8 which was checked by Amiram
Maybe someone will take on this task.

Best regards,

Thomas Ordowski
Cf. https://oeis.org/A156695
and https://oeis.org/history/view?seq=A337487&v=16
Odd integers k>3 that are not of the form prime+2^m+2^n.

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