[seqfan] Re: Anyone have a 3-D "Ulam" spiral?

Neil Fernandez primeness at borve.org
Wed Apr 28 00:04:01 CEST 2021

In message <CAEoHttUDr+Gg4O51ExU=8M=Uq9B6msURpYVFMH1YnOdy93OZrQ at mail.gma
il.com>, Hugo Pfoertner <yae9911 at gmail.com> writes

>A simpler 2-dimensional analogue of Maxmilian's idea is implemented in
>https://oeis.org/A305575 and https://oeis.org/A305576.


Has anyone written the integers along that path and coloured in the
primes yet? That's an idea that surely somebody must have thought of

And a sequence practically writes itself where a(n):= the square of the
modulus of the point occupied by the nth prime.


Neil Fernandez

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