[seqfan] Re: Graphs of Sequences

M. F. Hasler oeis at hasler.fr
Sun Jun 6 18:38:08 CEST 2021

On Sun, Jun 6, 2021, 11:40 Azarian, Mohammad <> wrote:

> Why are we seeing only "Pin plot" and "Logarithmic Scatterplot" of
> sequences in OES?  I know it is not practical to show all possible graphs,
> but what is so special about these two?

The first plot takes into account only the first few terms, the second one
the whole b-file. It is logarithmic only if some values are so large that
you would not see any others except for the largest ones.
It is useful to have the first one because often usual suspects submit
b-filles that large that you don't see any "fine structure" any more.

- Maximilian

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