[seqfan] Is there a correct way to submit a family of sequences?

Oliver Seet daggath at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 09:00:09 CET 2021

Hello everyone, I think this is my first time posting to the group. There
are a couple of sequences that I would like to submit but I want to be sure
that I am doing it correctly. Since the range of sequences generated is the
same as the number of possible bases ( infinite ) I realize that I can't
just submit all of the sequences. Is there a way to submit a family of
sequences or do I just have to pick a few that are interesting from it?
While the case for base 10 has been submitted by someone else already, I
would like to submit bases 8,16 and 60.

I searched for the sequences and did find a member of the family.  A068505
<https://oeis.org/A068505>  and upon reading it I discovered the support
sequence A068505 <https://oeis.org/A068505> also exists but it too is
missing its variations. The family of sequences that I want to submit is
generally the same except that we change the base in which we count. At a
minimum, I would like to submit the hexadecimal (base16) and octal (base 8)
versions of the sequence.

The process is as follows,

In base 'b', where in this example 'b' = 16.
We count up 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f,10,11,12,13,...
this number is then evaluated and the largest digit is found. This digit
will be referred to as 'c'.
We then evaluate the number in base 'c'+1 and convert the answer into
decimal to get the number for the sequence.

I have written a program in java that generates these sequences which can
currently handle up to base 61.

In base 16 the sequence represented in decimal begins with:

From, Oliver K. Seet

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