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Fri Jan 21 05:55:17 CET 2022

    Hi  Seqfans    I abstracted the idea of "Stroke" which is used in writing Kanji.    For instance, when "木" is written, which means tree, these four strokes are used. See " How to write a" 's page
    My definition of " Partition into stroke " which is an abstraction of Kanji 's stroke is the following 
    Given an undirected graph G=(V,E), its partition into strokes is a collection of directed edge-disjoint paths (viewed as sets of directed edges) on V such that (i) union of any two paths is not a path; (ii) union of corresponding undirected paths is E.

    The other description of the definition is the following
    A "stroke" is defined as follows. If the following conditions are satisfied then the partition to directed paths on a directed graph is called "a partition to strokes on a directed graph". And all directed paths in the partition are called "strokes". C.1. Two different directed paths in a partition do not have the same edges. C.2. A union of two different paths in a partition does not become a directed path. In other word, a "stroke" is a locally maximal path on a directed graph.
    Recently  I recomputed the terms of A131519 and I have found it is fault
    The correct one is    1, 6, 58, 490, ....    So  I am going to rewrite it  but I must confirm   it    Could anyone confirm   it and compute more terms ?    If the definition is difficult then feel free to ask anything about it


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