[seqfan] A124324 vz A112493

Joergen Backelin joeb at math.su.se
Sun Jun 19 13:45:22 CEST 2022

I believe that A124324 and A112493 (which both encompass
triangles read by rows) have identical columns, except
for shifts. However, I find to little information to
decide this immediately.

There are no direct cross-references between these two
items. However, I found A112493 from A124324 by following
some crossrefs to series for columns of the former, such
as A112495, which in its turn refers (only) to A112493. I
think that direct cross references should be advantageous,
especially as this yields easier access to expressing the
A124324 entries in terms of binomial coefficient combinations
of Eulerian numbers.

Provided, of course, that my guess about the fundamental
identity of the respective triangle columns can be confirmed.


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