[seqfan] Novel partial sum pairings

Sean A. Irvine sairvin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 11:37:39 CEST 2022

With the help of Georg Fischer, I have constructed a collection of
interesting potential partial sums that do not appear to be already

In each of the following pairs, the right sequence seems to be the partial
sums of the left sequence (at least up to terms in the data line).  None of
these pairs has an existing cross-reference in the OEIS.

I've had a quick look at all of these and they appear plausible, but were
not immediately obvious to me.

Feel free to look at any.  If you can convince yourself that any are
correct, please add a xref line "Partial sums of Axxxxxx" to the relevant

A000147 A338706 [graphs]
A000240 A177265 [fixed pts pemutations]
A005443 A192253 [reductions]
A010693 A075328 [possible false-positive]
A014465 A237707 [cubes]
A016826 A199833 [array sum]
A022471 A088206 [Look And Say]
A025262 A157100 [Catalan]
A029384 A267597 [knapsack, probable false-positive]
A036681 A212338 [Dyck paths]
A047393 A139591 [18-gonal numbers]
A049219 A301994 [array sum]
A050603 A092054 [cont frac]
A051291 A201631 [Fibonacci meanders/Whitney numbers]
A052554 A192252 [reductions, equiv to existing conjectures?]
A052910 A193641 [arrays]
A064099 A213510 [trees]
A071930 A279260 [cyclops palindromes]
A072670 A183003 [central divisors]
A073497 A108753 [primes]
A087808 A086845 [floor recurrence]
A097806 A241151 [partition graph]
A104879 A134195 [triangles]
A110613 A214142 [colourings circular array]
A115266 A130145 [orthogonal arrays]
A129445 A085376 [insertion seq, equiv to existing conjectures?]
A143229 A141211 [partitions/triangle]
A152113 A098894 [palindrome/cont frac sqrt 2]
A185325 A186445 [partitions]
A188297 A090702 [palindromes, possible false-positive]
A226881 A191313 [Dyck paths]
A228816 A141156 [partitions]
A260307 A264041 [crossing diagonals]
A284680 A078474 [fixed point morphism]
A296965 A244331 [Champernowne constant]
A308187 A234016 [morphism]
A328979 A123087 [morphism]
A342912 A082397 [aggregates/Bessel/hypergeometric]


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