[seqfan] Re: Pentagonal tiling coordination sequence?

Peter Munn techsubs at pearceneptune.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 19:51:52 CET 2022

The orientation of the pentagons depends only on the parity of the level,
so we need only record this parity and the centre of each pentagon. Using
a spreadsheet, I get 1, 5, 20, 50, 110. This sequence is not in the
database. My value of 50 matches my visual count of pentagons in Richard
Mather's recently posted illustration.

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On Thu, November 17, 2022 2:23 am, Allan Wechsler wrote:
> Start with a single regular pentagon in the Euclidean plane. The first
> entry in my proposed sequence is 1, because we start with 1 pentagon.
> On the other side of each of the edges of this seed pentagon, draw a new
> pentagon. This creates 5 new pentagons, so the second entry is 5.
> On the other side of each of the *unoccupied *edges of the new pentagons,
> draw a new pentagon. Some of them will intersect with each other, but for
> this sequence we consider that to be okay. This creates 20 distinct new
> pentagons, so the third entry is 20.
> On the other side of each of the unoccupied edges of these second-tier
> pentagons, draw a third-tier pentagon. You would think there would be 80
> of
> these, but in fact they include ten coincident pairs, five very easy to
> see, and five a bit more obscure, so there are only 70 new pentagons at
> level 3.
> I did this all in my head, and my visualization skills are not up to doing
> level 4. There are fifteen sequences in OEIS starting with 1, 5, 20, 70,
> and none of them are obviously this pseudo-tiling coordination sequence,
> although some of them might turn out to be. One of them is the
> coordination
> sequence of a closely related tiling, a hyperbolic tiling with Schläfli
> symbol {5,5}. It's barely plausible that there is an isomorphism of some
> sort between these two tilings, in which case https://oeis.org/A054889 is
> indeed the sequence I'm looking for, and we should just add a comment that
> explains this.

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