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This was only sent out today. I'm forwarding it rather than mousing it,
because I'm worried that otherwise the Zoom link might not work.
All are welcome.
Best regards

Neil J. A. Sloane, Chairman, OEIS Foundation.
Also Visiting Scientist, Math. Dept., Rutgers University,
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Subject: [Experimental_math] Seminar 15 Sep.
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Dear Experimenters,

Welcome to another semester of the Experimental Mathematics Seminar! This
year the seminar will run once every other week, starting this week. Our
first talk, this Thursday, is from friend of the seminar and OEIS founder
Neil Sloane. The details are below. Hope to see everyone there.

*Date:* Sept. 15, 2022, 5:00pm (Eastern Time) Zoom Link
<https://rutgers.zoom.us/j/94346444480> [password: The 20th Catalan number,
alias (40)!/(20!*21!), alias 6564120420 ]

*Speaker:* Neil J.A. Slaone <http://neilsloane.com/>, the OEIS Foundation
and Rutgers University

*Title*: New Sequence Problems and Solutions from 2022

*Abstract*: I'll discuss new results on the Stepping Stones problem, the
amazing Magic Carpet problem from combinatorial geometry, a simple
number-theory sequence which is crying out to be analyzed, the solution to
a 60-year old problem of Kaprekar, and several versions of the
Lexicographically Earliest Sequence question, one of which (the Binary
Two-Up Sequence) has just been solved.

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