[seqfan] Re: Need help naming another "regular n-gon with all diagonals" sequence

chris_scussel at icloud.com chris_scussel at icloud.com
Tue Sep 26 03:37:45 CEST 2023

Greetings all, and Andrew in particular,

	I too was thinking of the four sequences as a pattern, specifically equivalence relations
in progressively finer (or coarser) order.  But that notion seems needlessly verbose for 
the sequence descriptions.  I like your idea of using “up to” and  specifying a symmetry.
It indeed might be a bit vague, but it allows the conciseness that I am looking for.

	I am glad t you like “coloring” description, and completely agree that it is at odds
with how “coloring” is normally used. I think that it would be good to add it as a comment,
with suitable clarification.

	Thanks for your help Andrew.



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