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Tue Feb 7 15:16:12 CET 2012    [seqfan] Re: Infinite enumeration of finite partitions
Sat Jan 8 22:59:36 CET 2011    [seqfan] 2nd email; "Clonacci numbers, from interpretation of Brandon, R., 1990, Adaptation and Environment. Princeton: Princeton University Press."
Sun Jan 2 17:07:28 CET 2011    [seqfan] Re: 4-analogue of Ulam numbers?
Sun Jan 2 16:09:51 CET 2011    [seqfan] Re: 4-analogue of Ulam numbers?
Sat Jan 1 19:02:29 CET 2011    [seqfan] 4-analogue of Ulam numbers?
Wed Jul 21 22:55:47 CEST 2010    [seqfan] Re: Prime signature sequences
Thu Feb 11 23:09:14 CET 2010    [seqfan] Re: Unexpected help by A052515
Fri Aug 28 18:22:46 CEST 2009    [seqfan] Re: Chemistry sequence
Sun Mar 22 01:26:33 CET 2009    [seqfan] Re: [math-fun] prime ladders

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