[seqfan] Introduction of new member. Me ...

Joe Crump joecr at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 2 22:57:12 CEST 1998

Hi all,
	As suggested in the mail from Olivier Gerard,
I'm introducing myself to everyone on the list.

	My name is Joe Crump, and am currently a
Premier Developer Support Engineer at Microsoft.
Number theory is a hobby of mind, and I'm currently
researching new factoring techniques aimed at
factoring numbers on the RSA-list. However, I'm
interested in anything peculiar about integers!
And it is always a treat to find some cool
sequence, or formula that is useful.

	I think this list will be a great source
of interest, and cheers to the creators for
allowing us to communicate in this way, which we
might not otherwise meet. :)

	I'm also excited about the learning possibility
from the list, and the online integer encyclopedia. 
One suggestion I have, if it isn't already available, is
to also have an encyclopedia/anaylsis engine, for real
numbers using known constants and common operations.
I once had a book called a "dictionary of real numbers"
which did this, and it would be great to have an on-line
tool like it, but with todays technology it could be
very powerful. The key reason for this would be for
people who calculate values empirically and want to
know if it has a special form. Is there already such
a tool?

	Btw: I'm considering buying MapleV5 for my PC,
but it is expensive :(. Anyone have any suggestions for
a good Math program for number theory investigation, that
is the best product for the price?

Thanks, and I look forward to talking with you all...

   Joseph K. Crump
- - MS Developer Support Engineer

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