N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Mon Mar 22 03:20:48 CET 1999

Unless you send messages directly to the cgi
scripts that support the Integer Sequences data-base ,
you can ignore this message!

Well, it's also a progress report on the database.

I apologize for sending this to both math-fun and seq-fan,
but I am making some considerable changes to the cgi scripts
that look up sequences. When you look up a sequence or
send in a sequence number, the replies will be formatted
in a more user-friendly manner. The old versions will
still be available.

The web pages for looking up a sequence or looking up an A-number are still:
but the replies are now formatted differently.

(The corresponding cgi scripts have the same names as before:
but they now do different things.)

The web pages to produce the old (simple) format are now

(The corresponding (old) cgi scripts are now called:
/cgi-bin/access.cgi/as/njas/sequences/eisA2.cgi )

Comments on the new format will be welcomed.
(I hope it works--I've run into problems because
the external machine has a different version of awk...)

PS As long as i'm sending this out,
let me mention a couple of other things.

I'm trying to replace all the old condensed %R references
with expanded references giving full bibliographic details.
If anyone can help with this i would appreciate it.

In the process of doing this i've noticed that there are
a lot of references that say "1994, to appear", or "[Pp]reprint, 1995",
"In press", etc.  Someone with access to MathSciNet could help
update these, perhaps.

I'm planning to add a button that will feed a sequence directly to
supersseker from the web page. But this may not be working until
the summer.

Finally, several papers have recently been added to the electronic
J. Integer Sequences ( )

Neil Sloane

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