using the EIS

Michael Somos somos at
Tue May 30 20:25:09 CEST 2000

Neil wrote about the physics community not seeming to know about
the EIS. Actually, I think the situation is much more general. In
the math community itself is probably a lot of people who don't
know or care about EIS. The kind of mathematics that they do and
are interested in has very little to do with integer sequences of
the kind in EIS. It is like expecting the proverbial "man in the
street" to be interested in using EIS. I don't think we are ever
going to be able to do anything about this. Given all this, it is
still nice to get some favorable publicity about EIS in widely
read publications. This doesn't happen by accident usually. I do
not have any secret ideas as to how to do this. It would help if
teachers, instructors, and professors would know about it and how
to use it. For now, having a bunch of web links might be one of
the better ways to get people's attention. Shalom, Michael

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