Rejected Sequences

Harvey P. Dale hpd1 at
Tue May 2 18:20:25 CEST 2000

	I would add to the comments of Michael Somos:
1.	Judgment will always be involved, no matter how many criteria are
stated nor how precisely each is stated.  Neil J.A. Sloane, as founder and
maintainer, should exercise his judgment without undue concern about
2.	Some criteria might be teased out in order to help Neil J.A. Sloane
in his pruning.  For example, if the sequence might of use to researchers
searching for a generating function from a random sequence they encountered,
that would be a good reason for posting it.  But there’s no problem, from my
point of view, if Neil J.A. Sloane favors sequences that make him laugh.
3.	If some further relevant pruning factors or criteria could be
suggested by others, that might be of some use to Neil J.A. Sloane.

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