More on "numbral" divisors

Antti Karttunen karttu at
Wed Dec 19 13:35:38 CET 2001

John Layman wrote:

> On Dec 12, 2001, Marc LeBrun (mlb at conjectured that
> the number of proper "numbral" divisors of 2^n-1 gives A048888,
> later confirmed by Richard Schroeppel (rcs at

Dear John, Richard, others.

A little wish: Could you publish these little proofs somewhere
(e.g. as an associated notes file stored under EIS for the corresponding
I guess "HAKMEM"
style would be fine.
Unless of course the proof is longer, and will be published in
a journal some day.

I think the value of EIS increases a year by year (contrary to
some other opinions...), especially when the important
sequences contain more and more references to the literature,
to the existing quality web sites (containing proofs also), and
to the other related EIS-sequences of the importance.

Merry christmas,

Antti Karttunen

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