Seqfan Site (was Re: More on "numbral" divisors)

Olivier Gerard ogerard at
Wed Dec 19 15:34:45 CET 2001

To all seqfan members,

the site can be used by any EIS contributor to
store permanently any material related to sequences.

Material can be indexed by sequence number for urls

(ex   )

or by a contributor log name.
As I can use symbolic links, the same material
can be attributed to several sequences.

Once more than one page is available I will make
two index pages available from the home page
for looking up material.

CGI/dynamic pages can be written in perl and php.

Just mail it to me for inclusion (please put Neil
in copy each time).


On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 02:35:38PM +0200, Antti Karttunen wrote:
> Dear John, Richard, others.
> A little wish: Could you publish these little proofs somewhere
> (e.g. as an associated notes file stored under EIS for the corresponding
> sequence)?
> I guess "HAKMEM"
> style would be fine.
> Unless of course the proof is longer, and will be published in
> a journal some day.
> I think the value of EIS increases a year by year (contrary to
> some other opinions...), especially when the important
> sequences contain more and more references to the literature,
> to the existing quality web sites (containing proofs also), and
> to the other related EIS-sequences of the importance.
> Merry christmas,
> Antti Karttunen

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