[SeqFan] errors in database, call for diligence

Jud McCranie jud.mccranie at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 5 19:27:30 CET 2001

Over the past few days I've corrected errors in the terms of about 25 
sequences in the database.  Of the 58,550 sequences, I had a program 
examine 3145 sequences; of those it picked 137 for me to inspect more 
closely; and of those I found about 25 errors.  That was more errors than I 
expected to find by a factor of 10. If you compare 25 to 3145, nearly 1% of 
the sequences had a term with an error, and this is undoubtedly a low 
estimate for the actual percentage of errors.

All of the errors I found were TYPOS, except for 1 or 2!  The kinds of 
typos I found are just what you would expect:

transpose adjacent digits
a single wrong digit (most often off by 1)
missing digits
additional digits
spurious comma - term entered as 1,234 instead of 1234
missing comma between two terms
repeating the wrong digit - xxy instead of xyy, or vice versa.

I'm calling on all of us sequence submitters to be more diligent when 
typing in sequences.  Better yet, if you use a program to generate a 
sequence, have it write the terms to a file and copy and paste that, or 
copy and paste the data from the screen.

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