[[SeqFan] errors in database, call for diligence]

Christian G.Bower bowerc at usa.net
Sat Jan 6 00:02:35 CET 2001

Jud McCranie <jud.mccranie at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Over the past few days I've corrected errors in the terms of about 25 
> sequences in the database.  Of the 58,550 sequences, I had a program 
> examine 3145 sequences; of those it picked 137 for me to inspect more 
> closely; and of those I found about 25 errors.

If you have a program that looks for likely errors, maybe you can share
it with the rest of us and it can eventually become part of standard
EIS diagnostics. Maybe a list of suspect sequences can be generated on
the EIS for seqfans to look over.

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