games born on day n

Dean Hickerson dean at
Thu Nov 22 02:46:12 CET 2001

> Will some fanster put this into the approved
> shape for Neil ?  Thanks!

I'll do it in a few days if noone does it first.  (I don't have my
references handy at the moment.)

> The following is the sequence of numbers of games
> born on days 0, 1, 2, 3.

That should probably be "on or before".  E.g. the 4 games on day 1 include
the one from day 0 and 3 new ones.  Perhaps the sequence (1 3 18 1452) that
counts the new ones on day n should also be included.

> 1 4 22 1474

For what it's worth, Robert Li and I also counted 1474 games on day 3 when
we were grad students at Berkeley in 1974.  We were working without a
computer, and made no attempt to count the day 4 games.

Dean Hickerson
dean at

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