Leroy Quet qqquet at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 4 01:01:14 CET 2002

Though I am not usually concerned with these things, I have noticed that 
duplications in the EIS are pointed out in this e-mail group.

So: A057820 = 

except for the off-set.


This brings up a good point: Many sequence-contributers seem to 
contribute "new" sequences that are only new in that the off-set is, say, 
0 instead of 1. I believe that this is completely unintentional the vast 
majority of the time. What is needed is some means that, when checking if 
a sequence is original, if the submitted sequence is a continuation (in 
either direction) of an existing sequence, then the EIS would not show 
the submitted sequence as not already existing in the database.

Leroy Quet

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