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Michael Somos somos at
Mon Feb 4 00:41:44 CET 2002


   Based on a recent idea of Neil Sloane, I have a suggested service
from the OEIS which would be useful. One of the primary reasons for
the EIS is to make available the terms of known sequences. However,
it is not easy to get the needed information. For example, take :

%S A005775 1,4,14,45,140,427,1288,3858,11505,34210,101530,300950,891345,

and it is not immediately obvious that A005775(10)=3858 because that
depends on the origin which is listed on another line '%O A005775 3,2'.
What I suggest is a service based on a form which probably could be
placed somewhere convenient. The form would request the sequence
number, the beginning and ending index. The returned result would be
a table of the sequence values. Something like given form input :

    Sequence number: 5775   start index: 10   end index: 13

The result returned would be :


or something similar. This would give an unambiguous and clear answer
to the question of what is the sequence value. Right now you have to
guess at this and often come up wrong.

Shalom, Michael

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