sequence information service

Marc LeBrun mlb at
Mon Feb 4 17:29:13 CET 2002

 >=Michael Somos
 > is not immediately obvious that A005775(10)=3858 because that
 > depends on the origin which is listed on another line '%O A005775 3,2'.

Good point.  However I find the one-value-per-line format too verbose.  How 
about if it returned the range of indices for each line?  For example,

A005775(3:15) 1,4,14,45,140,427,1288,3858,11505,34210,101530,300950,891345

Also, in a related vein, I've been fretting over the initial index issue 
with the superseeker transforms.  Some transforms, like differences, are 
highly index-independent, but many others, such as Mobius, can be 
exquisitely sensitive to the "registration".  What happens with initial 
zero-padding in transforms, both for the EIS entries and the lookup sequence?


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