lonely non-twin primes

Robert G. Wilson v rgwv at kspaint.com
Mon Mar 25 22:45:44 CET 2002

Hans and Neil,

        Very nice. Neil, would you submit this sequence to N.J.A. Sloane's The
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences and credit Hans with this third
term.  The sequence would start: 23, 1039, 403026797 and I believe that you
could safely label it "hard". The offset would be 1. A possible entry with the
offset of 0 would be 5 but it is not very pretty.

Congratulations both,

Robert G. "Bob" Wilson, V
Assoc. Ed. of the OEIS

Hans Havermann wrote:

> > There are no non-twins < 10^5 which are triply or higher-tuply lonely.
> Triplies (believe it, or not):
> 403026797, 407541247, 859664159, 2056341349, ...
> That last one has 4 twin-prime pairs following it, but only 3 in front. :)

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