November report

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Wed Nov 6 15:04:56 CET 2002

Report on recent developments relating to the OEIS

1.  It is now possible to lookup sequences by A-numbers
using the email server sequences at
Include lines like
   lookup A000012
   lookup A002487
You can now have up to 30 lookup lines in one email message.
But you cannot mix A-number lookups with the regular
   lookup 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34
-type lookups.  Send an empty email message to
sequences at to get instructions.

2.  A number of useful files have been added to the web page
(You can get there by clicking "More files" and scrolling down
to Complete list of files)

For example:  formats sequences, useful for processing email
check94  checks format of a sequence entry  renumbers a bunch of sequences  produces Maple format for a sequence
LOG  log file for updates to database and web pages 

3.  There are now translations of the top lookup page into 
25 languages.  Still needed: Urdu, Farsi, Greek, Vietnamese, etc.

4. So far this year 11,000 new sequences have been added
to the database, and thousands of existing entries
have been revised.

5.  The database now contains 44 megabytes, which is about 
66 times the size of the 1995 book.

6.  In the three weeks ending Nov 02 2002 there were
518659 page downloads from my web pages, most
of it sequence traffic. That's 25,000 per day. 
21,680 distinct hosts were served and 7.6 gigabytes of data
were transferred.

7.  I hope the question about putting email addresses
in the database has been satisfactorily resolved - see 
yesterday's postings.

Thanks to all seqfans for your continued help.

Neil Sloane

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