[ADMIN] Multiple email addresses

Olivier Gerard ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr
Thu Nov 7 09:10:19 CET 2002

Dear SeqFan members,

as you all know, the settings of seqfan enforce a strict email
recognition precisely to avoid spam, but I am always happy
to add alternative addresses for people needing them.
This was done this morning for Gordon and Marc.

The only drawback up to now was that you would receive
list messages several times.  
The new version of the robot currently installed allows you
to send the following command:


so that the address will not receive the list traffic.
This can be reversed with

SET seqfan MAIL

These commands can also be used on vacation.

The address to send these commands to is    sympa at ext.jussieu.fr



Le 06, Marc LeBrun écrivait:
> >=Gordon Royle
> > Brendan, could you please post this to seqfan for me - my email address
> > has changed (to gordon at csse.uwa.edu.au) and it doesn't recognise me...
> (me too; I now mail from mlb at fxpt.com more frequently than mlb at well.com)

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