from Gordon Royle

Marc LeBrun mlb at
Thu Nov 7 03:15:11 CET 2002

 >=Gordon Royle
 > Brendan, could you please post this to seqfan for me - my email address
 > has changed (to gordon at and it doesn't recognise me...

(me too; I now mail from mlb at more frequently than mlb at

 > I would vote that we go with the simplest idea of all.
 > Just make each address into a GIF/PNG and display it on the page.

An even simpler idea (which I suggested to NJAS) is to just make a GIF for 
the @ character (and maybe the . char).

That way

   the OEIS only needs to store a single GIF or two (instead of one for 
each address)

   it's almost as simple for a program to insert references to the graphics 
files into the HTML as it is to substitute the strings "_AT_" and "_DOT_"

   it's a lot more readable

This breaks cut-n-paste and MailTo:, but maybe some kind of script could 
help there...

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