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Robert G. Wilson v rgwv at kspaint.com
Fri Nov 15 16:26:07 CET 2002

Dear Ralf,

        Mathematica is a commercial package which Wolfram Research does 
not give

        On my generic box, a 133MHz One-Main GigaByte mother board, an 
1200 MHz chip with 512 Meg of double speed ram, 10^6 took 0.871 seconds and
10^7 took 3.014 seconds. Labos on a P3 800 MHz machine clocked in at 19.33
seconds. This is why AMD is doing a lot better than Intel. Just for fun 
I tried 10^8
and I did it in 13.73 seconds. 10^9 took 72.464 seconds. I'm stopping here.


Ralf Stephan wrote:

>eww wrote 
>>It takes 4.1 seconds in Mathemtica.
>In the danger of becoming off-topic, I forgot to ask (for the record): what
>machine, please? 
>Would the compiler be something I would be ill advised to ask for?
>I like the numbers a bit meaningful.
>Thanks again,

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