Database of Graphs

Eric W. Weisstein eww at
Fri Nov 29 22:23:25 CET 2002

On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Ed Pegg wrote:

> >   Of course, the table won't be able to exhaustively contain everything
> > for n past, say, 12, but users could always add graphs that come up in
> > their problems that may be interesting. Even going up to just 11 vertices
> > could make it a useful tool for researchers in many fields.
> >
> >   Suggestions? Comments? Taker? Is there such a thing already? Could OEIS
> > create a standard encoding of graphs into integers and incorporate that
> > into the database?
> With these, Mathematica, and Combinatorica, most of that is possible.
> and other pages
> discuss graph theory extensively.
> Eric provides graphs up to 9 vertices.

Brendan KcKay kindly maintains a set of files for simple and simple
connected graphs up to 10 vertices in graph6 format at  In fact, that's where I got
my lists of graphs on 8 and 9 vertices.  Thanks again, Brendan.

I've contributed a number of graph enumeration sequences to OEIS, so all
those should have links to MathWorld where relevant code, illustrations,
and additional discussion can be found.  But there is certainly lots more
to be done :)


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