Jon Awbrey jawbrey at oakland.edu
Wed Oct 16 03:28:02 CEST 2002


"logarithmic derivative" is pretty standard nomenclature,
e.g., in analytic number theory.


Michael Somos wrote:
> Seqfan,
> > but I have no idea what "Lgd.e.g.f." is.
> Okay, I did have some clues after all, and after sending the
> original article I realized exactly what it is.  It is the
> derivate of the log of the e.g.f.  In other words, if A(x) is
> the e.g.f. then A'(x)/A(x) is the Lgd.e.g.f. and some very
> nice properties connect A(x) and A'(x)/A(x).  There are likely
> several other examples of this which are not indicated in
> OEIS as yet.  The first step might be to come up with a good
> name for this concept.  Shalom, Michael

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