EISFormat (was Re: Question about A075849)

Robert G. Wilson v rgwv at kspaint.com
Thu Oct 17 19:18:43 CEST 2002

Et al,

        I use it from time to time. I use Mathematica v4.1.0.0.

Thanx. Bob.

Olivier Gerard wrote:

>Le 17, Eric W. Weisstein écrivait:
>>  Table[Min[Abs[n-If[n<2,2,Prime[{#,#+1}&[PrimePi[n]]]]]],{n,0,101}],
>>  75849,0,
>>  Name->"Distance to closest prime."
>>  ]
>A quick poll:  apart from Eric and me, is anybody on seqfan using
>our SeqFormat package for Mathematica 3.0 and up ?
>If so, it would give me some motivation for cleaning it up to
>a public version number 0.8 (current public version is 0.71)

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