Kudos, all

David Wilson davidwwilson at attbi.com
Thu Sep 26 20:50:02 CEST 2002

Finding lately that I have been taking my blessing too much for granted, I
like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Rich for
the math-fun mailing list, and to you all for allowing me to hobnob with
such a
fine group of people.

I remember in my college years (circa 1980) finding a copy of Sloane's
at the Cornell University library, and having it checked out almost
over a period of two years.  I found a few mistakes in the Handbook, but I
remember it as one of the most fascinating reference books I have ever read
hope I don't have to apologize to this group for being an inveterate math
In 1994, I stumbled onto the OEIS, and immediately started extending and
sequences.  I quickly came to the attention of Neil in this regard, and he
was kind
enough to send me a free autographed copy of the EIS, and introduce me to
math-fun list.

Through my associations with math-fun, I have had the opportunity to
with the likes of Neil Sloane, Richard Guy, John Conway, Michael Somos, and
so many others of my superiors intellectual achievement I could not begin to
understand or compare.  I have even had passing correspondence with Don
Knuth, whose work I have known and admired since youth.  I find it hard to
express the personal value these connections have for me. Prior to this
time, I
would not have dreamed it possible to bounce my wandering thoughts off of
such a distinguished group.  I am sometimes in awe when I look at some of
academic accomplishments, and astonished that many of you would even give me
an audience, much less engage my questions.

Since I opted to leave academia and pursue a work-a-day career, much of my
is pre-empted by mundane concerns.  Because of the associations I have made
through this group, I have been able to publish a couple of papers and have
even been cited a few times in some textbooks, quite the accomplishments
given my situation.  More importantly, my math-fun correspondence has kept
my intellectual side alive, which otherwise would probably have starved to
death long ago.

Many thanks to you all, and especially to Neil and Rich for making this all
possible for me.

Dave Wilson

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