A062775 / editing needed

Gottfried Helms helms at uni-kassel.de
Fri Dec 19 16:32:44 CET 2003

Hi Seqfans -

  the study of the sequence A062775, which I presented in my
  previous mails, uncovered two minor errors in the current
  description in OEIS.

||> ID Number: A062775
||> URL:       http://www.research.att.com/projects/OEIS?Anum=A062775
||> Sequence:  1,4,9,24,25,36,49,96,99,100,121,216,169,196,225,448,289,
||>            396,361,600,441,484, 529,864,725,676,891,1176,841,900,961,
||>            1792,1089,1156,1225,2376,1369,1444,1521,2400,1681,1764,1849,
||>            2904,2475,2116,2209,4032,2695,2900
||> Name:      Number of Pythagorean triples mod n; i.e. number of
||>            non-congruent solutions to x^2 + y^2 = z^2 mod n.
||> Comments:  a(n) is multiplicative and for a prime p: a(p) = p^2.
||>The starting number of this series is 1.


a) Field: Name. Replace "non-congruent" by "all"

b) Field: Comment. It is more precise to say:
   "a(n) is partially multiplicative
         and for square-free integer i: a(i) = i^2"

c) Add my formula for direct computation of A(i) from
    its index i. (see previous post; sorry, don't have Maple
    of mathematica-syntax available)

What is the best way to proceed? Just send this to OEIS - postbox?
Use the www-based-form? How to add my definition of the g-function
(it is a bit voluminous for the OEIS, I think) ?

Regards -

Gottfried Helms

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