Boolean Function - Definition?

Gordon Royle gordon at
Mon Mar 31 06:43:10 CEST 2003

Can anyone please tell me the "official" definition(s?) of boolean function
as used in the OEIS?

I have been trying to reconcile the numbers that I am getting from some
computations with the numbers on the OEIS, but I keep running into

In some places, a definition basically equivalent to

A boolean function is a function   f: GF(2)^n -> GF(2)

seems to be the right thing.

But then, I can't interpret what "invertible Boolean function" (A001038) means,
nor can I interpret things like A053874 "boolean functions with range k=0..2^n".

What is the "range" of a boolean function?



Dr. Gordon F Royle,, gordon at

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