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Wed May 28 21:15:38 CEST 2003

murthy amarnath <amarnath_murthy at> wrote:
:Dear Dr. Sloane and seq fans,
:Does the following sequence make sence?
:rearrangement of natural numbers in an ascending order
:such that
:a(n)/sigma(n)  <= a(n+1)/sigma(n+1).
:sigma(6) = 12, sigma(12)= 28.
:12/28 < 6/12
:hence 12 comes before 6 in the sequence 

Consider what would be the first element of such a sequence: for any
m, n > 1 you must have (m * n) appear before both (m) and (n).

Note that you can't start from the other end of the sequence either,
since then you'd have first to find the highest prime number.


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