sum( 1/a(n) ) [was:]

frank.ellermann at frank.ellermann at
Thu May 29 08:05:07 CEST 2003

murthy amarnath wrote:

> infinite sequences with sum up to infinity of 1/a(n) exists.
> cases in which this limit can be found.

Hi, I'd be interested in a comment like sum( 1/a(n) ) = 7/3 for
A003586 (your example).  Something like sum( 1/a(n) ) = A012345
would be also nice, where A012345 is the decimal expansion of
the limit.  The latter could be added as %Y line to EIS.

> Please see the attachment.

Sorry, I can't display MS WORD stuff on my OS/2 box.  AFAIK the
new versions (Word in Office XP) support "save as HTML", that
would be better, even if the HTML is weird.  Older versions may
support something called RTF (rich text format), and with some
efforts I might be able to display RTF - not tested, because I
never needed RTF.  In practice I'd prefer postscript or PDF, if
HTML is no option resp. requires MathML (I don't have MathML).

Unfortunately attachments can be rather long, your 29K are okay
for me, but that's about the limit, anything with more than 50K
is almost always another Nimda, SoBig, or Poly-A (sp?) virus.

                         Bye, Frank

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