sum( 1/a(n) ) [was:]

Olivier Gerard ogerard at
Thu May 29 15:31:54 CEST 2003


Frank's excellent comment on Amarmath message gives me the
occasion to recall that attachments, and especially in a
proprietary format not viewable by everyone and susceptible
to contain macro viruses, are not welcome on this
list.  I prefer url references (that is: 
put your file on your home page, ftp repository, etc. and give
the link in your text) and more portable formats such as text,
TeX, HTML, PDF, XML, RTF. The simpler and the more directly
human readable, the better. I am always at the disposal of
members for converting and putting their file on the website
if they want.


PS: It might be a good idea to put a subject line too :)

Le 29, frank.ellermann at écrivait:
> murthy amarnath wrote:
> > Please see the attachment.
> Sorry, I can't display MS WORD stuff on my OS/2 box.  AFAIK the
> Unfortunately attachments can be rather long, your 29K are okay
> for me, but that's about the limit, anything with more than 50K
> is almost always another Nimda, SoBig, or Poly-A (sp?) virus.
>                          Bye, Frank

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