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murthy amarnath amarnath_murthy at
Wed Jun 2 16:12:33 CEST 2004

Neil and seq fans,
what shape the following sequence would  finally take?
Rearrangement of natural numbers.
a(1) = 1 and let n = a(k) then  n+1= a(k-n-1) in case
a(k-n-1)is not occupied by some non zero number else
n+1 = a(k+n+1).

One can start building up the sequence like this:
Place zeros at locations which can not be decided in
that step and then replace them by nonzero numbers as
and when possible in further steps ;
 first step: 1,0,2,0,0,3,...
 in the second step the zero following 1 is replaced
by 4 etc.


and so on 
Conjecture:There will remain no zeros left finally.
Can some one please let me know what is a(4) and a(5).
amarnath murthy

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