[seqfan] help a new sequence

Olivier Gerard ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr
Wed Jun 2 18:35:58 CEST 2004

Dear Amarnath,

You have sent this message at least three times to the list.


Remember that you will not receive systematically
your contribution back immediately.  The delay can
greatly depend on the network conditions and there
are hundreds of members on seqfan to serve. It may
also depends on a correct use of your mail system...

You should only try to resend it if you receive a
permanent error message from your mail system or
if you haven't received it 24h after you sent it
but did receive other messages from the list.
We are certainly not in a rush.

Sending the second tentative through me is also
a good idea.

NB:  advertising banners are to be avoided (see the
end of your message). Find how to suppress them or
get a mail provider which doesn't do this.
My University is considering banning mail from and
to webmails such as yahoo altogether
so it would be a good idea to find another address.


Le 02, murthy amarnath écrivait:
> Neil and seq fans,
> what shape the following sequence would  finally take?
> Rearrangement of natural numbers.

[rest skipped]

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