On the importance of sequences

Leroy Quet qq-quet at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 1 23:06:50 CET 2004

>I am annoyed at the lack of a sequence in an important paper,
>so I thought I might rant about it.
>I wanted to explore the "standard" form of complex continued
>fractions.  Here in front of me is Ergotic Theory of Complex
>Continued Fractions, by Asmus Schmidt.  I have several other
>papers and books.
>None of them has an actual sequence!  Just a description of
>a rather complicated method.  Not a single line in any of them
>such as:  "By this method, the complex continued fraction of
>Pi would be {3+i, ....}"
>So, I rant.  A sequence would have been very useful to me.
>--Ed Pegg Jr

It seems as if what you are really lamenting the loss of, more generally, 
are examples and/or something to aid the visual understanding of an 
abstract idea.

And sequences, as well as any other such visualization aid, can not only 
make a math-paper more understandable, but can also make it more 
ENJOYABLE to read!

Leroy Quet 

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