help needed in solving a murder : abour 12640

Simon Plouffe simon.plouffe at
Fri Jul 1 03:26:34 CEST 2005


I received this post from Neil Sloane, I take
the liberty to answer.

It could be a postal code in NZ, the
ref is here :

BUT, of course the format is 9999* and the * means
bulk mailing apparently.

apart from that, the term 12460 refers to some sequences
but I think that the explanation is too <far fetched> to mean

Other possible clues :

-it may refer to an ISO norm :
ISO 12640 N5 which is related to color images.

-It is approximately the diameter of earth in kilometers,
it is 12756 but not at every point, as you may know it is
not all spheric.

-It could be one of those items in froogle :

-The best choice in my opinion would be the constant reference
to a certain ringtone of a particular cell phone : Motorola 12640
try this : 12640 motorola in google.

which they all refer to a certain song : Ben Becker & Xavier Naidoo 
Das Lied.
... of course if the number written means anything at all.

Simon Plouffe

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